PBH Gen 1 6R80 Transmission Harness for Coyote Swaps

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When using the Power By The Hour Performance 6R80 Powertrain Control Pack or Gen 1 Body Harness  you will need a 2011-14 Mustang GT transmission harness. We previously offered this harness direct from Ford just like it is in the production Mustang. This did work but had some extra connectors on it that were not needed in swaps. It also came with a large battery cable with end that was also not needed. PBH decided to make up its own trans harness to simplify the install even more.

The PBH 6r80 transmission harness gives you exactly what you need to get the swap using our PCP. The harness uses OEM connectors, is completely loomed, and labeled. The blunt leads are to simplify speedometer connection and are clearly labeled. The O2 Sensor leads are extended so aftermarket extension harnesses do not need to be added for long tube or custom header design. Just like our other products the harness is made here in the USA.